OpenStack’s global reach

The global reach of OpenStack has been clear from the very first “Austin” conference where we had participants from Europe and Asia; however, non-US adoption appears to be accelerating lately.

While this post is motivated by the Dell launch of my team‘s OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution into select Europe (UK & Germany) and Asia (China) markets, it is just an indication of the overall acceleration.  This presence is bolstered by our relationships abroad (video from Martin Standtler @ Canonical).

Two weeks ago, our Essex Deploy Day gathered world wide participation that continues 24/7 on the Crowbar list and Skype channel.   Internally, I also see substantial interest and customer demand from customers and partners all over the Asia-Pacific region

I’m excited to see Dell (and the broader community) formalize international support for OpenStack.

Post Script: Hidden in that same release is some mention of our coming support for the latest  (12th!) generation of Dell servers (the R720xd and C6220).  I’m a software guy, but I have to admit that these new servers are very cool cloud nodes because they’ve got a sweet mix of fast CPU, high RAM limits and bodacious spindle counts.  These fit the hardware profile that we identified in the “bootstrapping open source clouds” white paper refresh.