Asia-Pac Session for OpenStack Essex Global Deploy day

I did not want us to neglect Asia-Pac for the upcoming OpenStack Deploy day, so I was delighted when Mike Pittaro offered to help host the online content for the last session. Mike is an OpenStack contributor who recently joined my team at Dell.

This addresses the concern that our first Essex hack day was America’s daytime only so it was difficult for time zones east of GMT to participate.

We are working with Dell teams in Asia-Pac to setup more information to support Japan, China, Korea and Australia.

This picture, taken by Dan Choquette (my team too!), is from Toyko DevOpsDays.

OpenStack’s global reach

The global reach of OpenStack has been clear from the very first “Austin” conference where we had participants from Europe and Asia; however, non-US adoption appears to be accelerating lately.

While this post is motivated by the Dell launch of my team‘s OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution into select Europe (UK & Germany) and Asia (China) markets, it is just an indication of the overall acceleration.  This presence is bolstered by our relationships abroad (video from Martin Standtler @ Canonical).

Two weeks ago, our Essex Deploy Day gathered world wide participation that continues 24/7 on the Crowbar list and Skype channel.   Internally, I also see substantial interest and customer demand from customers and partners all over the Asia-Pacific region

I’m excited to see Dell (and the broader community) formalize international support for OpenStack.

Post Script: Hidden in that same release is some mention of our coming support for the latest  (12th!) generation of Dell servers (the R720xd and C6220).  I’m a software guy, but I have to admit that these new servers are very cool cloud nodes because they’ve got a sweet mix of fast CPU, high RAM limits and bodacious spindle counts.  These fit the hardware profile that we identified in the “bootstrapping open source clouds” white paper refresh.