Bare Metal

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1519840536123{padding-bottom: 15px !important;}”]Is bare metal dead? Will serverless abstract out the hardware? Of course not. Metal is always at the bottom of the stack and for too long it’s been avoided. RackN believes that physical ops provide IT … Continue reading

Podcast: Gina Rosenthal (Minks) on Ops Challenges, Day 2 Ops Support, and Dev Ops Communication

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Gina Rosenthal (Minks), Product Marketing Manager, VMware and experienced sys-admin/operator. She also hosts the Wide World of Tech podcast. Cloud debate on virtualization and hypervisors as requirement What makes Ops so hard? Technical … Continue reading

February 2 – Weekly Review Of Digital Rebar And RackN With DevOps And Edge News

Welcome to the weekly post of the RackN blog recap of all things Digital Rebar, RackN, Edge Computing, and DevOps. If you have any ideas for this recap or would like to include content please contact us at or tweet RackN … Continue reading

Full Stack Physical Provisioning Automation: Metal to Platform Delivery

RackN and the Digital Rebar community are focused on solving key issues learned from enterprise DevOps teams: Operations are inconsistent, manual and heterogeneous Foundational automation makes many problems go away “Apply, Rinse, Repeat” (aka Immutable Infrastructure) The learnings from these … Continue reading

Podcast – Year of the Crawfish Recap and 2018 Predictions for Bare Metal, Virtualization, Edge and Serverless

Welcome to the final L8istSh9y Podcast for 2017 with a recap of Rob Hirschfeld’s predictions for 2017 (2016 Infrastructure Revolt makes 2017 the “year of the IT Escape Clause”) as well as a look ahead into 2018. Key topics covered … Continue reading

What makes ops hard? SRE/DevOps challenge & imperative [from Cloudcast 301]

The by Brian Gracely and Aaron Delp brings deep experience and perspective into their discussions based on their impressive technology careers and understanding of the subject matter.  In episode 301, we good deeply into the meaning and challenges for Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) functions.  We also cover some popular technologies that are of general interest.  Continue reading